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Lori’s publishing credits include the paranormal mystery novels “The Ancient Ones,” and “Caves of the Watchers,” and “Whispers Among the Ruins,” published through CreateSpace. She has also published numerous short stories and has written a number of guided meditations.

Lori is an author, intuitive and speaker who has done workshops and lectures on Arizona history, featuring locations from her novels, as well as workshops on Spirit Guide Communication. She has done presentations at libraries, museums, bookstores and for the Western National Parks Association in Tucson. She has also been a speaker at the 2013 UFO Festival in Roswell, New Mexico.

Her books include factual elements of the paranormal, metaphysical, Native American history and culture, and history of the Southwest. Lori’s own intuitive abilities have been enhanced through the writing of her mystery novels. She has become much more in tune with her spirit guides since they have used her as a channel for her written words. Her books are more than fiction – they are a method of healing and education for those seeking a closer connection to spirit.

Awards include honorable mention in the general fiction category for Caves of the Watchers in the 2013 Great Southwest Book Festival, and Book Excellence Awards winner for Whispers Among the Ruins, – multicultural fiction category. Visions of Time placed as a 2021 International Book Award Finalist in the New Age category and Honorable Mention (Spiritual/Religious category) in the 2021 New York Book Festival.

Her mysteries are inspired by experiences as a paranormal investigator,  travel adventures throughout the Southwest and her interest in archaeology and Native American history. Lori’s psychic medium abilities have been developing throughout the writing of The Ancient Ones series. Her characters are inspired by her own spirit guides, many of whom are Native American. Readers can visit her online at or

She is a member and volunteer of the FindMeGroup – a group of psychic mediums who use their intuition and expertise to help solve missing persons and cold cases. She has also been asked by the Executive Director to do a series of videos for the Buillion Plaza Cultural Center in Miami, Az, doing psychic readings on artifacts.

Her intuitive abilities opened up during her tenure as an author and have expanded greatly since then. For some, her words are a form of healing. Lori’s books can be found at or Amazon. Follow Lori on Facebook at Lori Hines, Paranormal Mystery Author.

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