Past Life Readings & Workshops



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Road to Acoma Pueblo in New Mexico

Lori’s spiritual journey began with her first paranormal mystery novel published in April 2011, titled “The Ancient Ones,” which involves characters including Lorelei Lanier, a psychic medium, and Joe Luna, a Navajo medicine man. “Caves of the Watchers” is the second in the series and “Whispers Among the Ruins;” all are published through CreateSpace. Her books include factual elements of the paranormal, metaphysical (reincarnation and past lives), Arizona history and Native American history and culture. Lori’s own psychic and medium abilities have been enhanced through the writing of her mystery novels. She has become much more in tune with her spirit guides since they have used her as a channel for her written words–in particular, bringing out strong elements of her past lives. Her books are much more than fiction – they are a method of healing and education for those seeking a closer connection to spirit.

Workshops and Readings

Lori presents “Spirit Guide Communication” workshops, which will teach you the following: learn the difference between angels, guides & ghosts; discover the various types of guides, where they come from, why they are attracted to each of us, and how you can communicate with them! She will also answer questions about your own guides and past lives! Lori has presented such workshops at the Red Mountain Library in Mesa, Az, and Melting Heart Boutique and Storm Wisdom in Phoenix.

To host a workshop on “Spirit Guide Communication” or to schedule a private or group reading, contact Lori at

  • Workshops – $100 – $150.00
  • Individual readings – $100.00 per hour
  • Group readings start at $300.00 for a group of five people.