1. Star Knowledge Conference –
  2. Vulture Peak Gold is doing 2 hour guided group tours Wednesday through Saturday. Email
  3. Arizona Archaeological Society –
  4. Deer Valley Rock Art Center –
  5. Pueblo Grande Museum –
  6. MUFON (Mutual UFO Network) –
  7. MAKA WICAHPI – WICOHAN: Manual of Universal & Spiritual Laws
  8. Pulatki/Honaki Ruins in Sedona –
  9. Sisters in Crime:
  10. Great paranormal resource:
  11. Great site for anything paranormal:
  12. TAPS family member in Phoenix, Arizona:
  14. Haunted Arizona locations –
  15. Para-x Radio Network –
  16. Triangle T Ranch – – This is a very historic guest ranch in the heart of ‘boulder’ country. It was featured on an episode of Psychic Kids a few years ago.

4 Replies to “Links”

  1. Hi Lori! I came by because I am also a writer named Lori Hines – I write screenplays, blogs, shorts, and articles. I thought it was a synchronistic moment to find you, see “my name” on your book 😉 lol! Also – the topics you select are the genre I work with as well. I will have to go to Amazon and get one of your books, for one, I’m a book worm, and another, it will be a novelty to put out on my coffee table for my family and friends to see! Best wishes! LH

    1. OMG!! Thanks SO much for contacting me! This is just one of those really strange, but good things, that happen to me on a regular basis. The fact that you’re a writer, you write the same genre and your name is spelled the same is unbelievable! Hey, maybe we’ll both have to write a short based on that:) Hope you enjoy the books! If you want, I can send you an autographed copy of the first or both. I’ll be releasing my third book, “Whispers Among the Ruins,” by the end of the year.

      Good luck with your writing career as well!

  2. Saw you through linkedin…am a fledgling writer in Mesa, AZ, working hard to publish…signed up to follow your blog, any wisdom you can pass on, I am a sponge, thanks! Bobbi

    1. Hi Bobbie,

      One of the things that worked best for me was getting involved in critique groups. The feedback is invaluable. Writer workshops can be helpful also. I occasionally post the Bootcamp Novelist courses, which are all online. Not sure where you are in the publishing process, but if you have a novel ready to submit, I suggest hiring a professional editor. Most agents and publishers won’t take a second glance if they see it’s not polished. Also, consider joining organizations related to your genre – I believe I still have a list of some those organizations on my home page. Hope this helps!

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