Imagination or Inspiration from Beyond?

We’ve all had that creative breakthrough! Whether that is a chapter that writes itself, a character in our books that create their own destiny (like Shannon at the end of my second book, Caves of the Watchers) or even a complete fiction or non-fiction book that writes itself. And this doesn’t only apply to writers. Such inspiration can strikes artists and non-artists alike.

So why are we inexplicably drawn to certain interests, people or objects? What makes us sometimes veer of course of our planned destiny? Perhaps it is our own impatience and frustration with life. Or perhaps, it is calling of a different kind.

I started writing my series of paranormal mystery novels mostly out of my interest in ghost hunting. “Ghost Hunters” was one of my favorite shows and I was fascinated with the idea of life after death. Then one day in Sedona, Arizona, I had an encounter with something unseen–something or someone that placed its hand on my shoulder from behind. From that day forward, I never stopped thinking about that minute and what it might have been.

I never knew that the completion of my first book, “The Ancient Ones,” would initiate not only a series of books based on a group of paranormal investigators working with the FBI, but psychic medium abilities as well. The characters I thought had originated from my imagination turned out to be spirit guides. Joe Luna, who is my Navajo medicine man and FBI agent, was inspired by a Native spirit guide from the plains. And Ian Healy was inspired by a blond man named Lars from a past life.

How do I know this, you ask?? Because I can talk to them and I occasionally channel them to help others. Teaching others how to communicate with spirit has been very rewarding, for those that are open to it.

Does this mean that our guides, (whether relatives, those associated with us from past lives, or those guides who simply choose to help us on our journey because of who they were while alive), ARE the ones who are writing our books or creating that particular piece of art? Absolutely not. They are our inspiration. Just like us, they have something important to say. Sometimes, they will try and inspire you through dreams. Sometimes, it is through those you meet. And occasionally, inspiration comes through everyday events; finding a beautiful river rock, experiencing a moment of deja vu OR maybe even coming across something unexplainable, yet amazing.

How can you connect with your spirit guides?

  • Ask them to join you during meditation. Mine have shown me visuals and have even channeled me.
  • Keep a dream log. The most important messages from my guides come right before I wake up in the morning. These dreams could involve past life memories, your future or they could simply be introducing themselves.
  • Talk to them, acknowledge them. Many start open communication with a pendulum. Many others can hear their guides.
  • Healing stones, such as Lapis and Amethyst, are very strong tools to  help open the psychic gateway!


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