August Sisters in Crime Meeting – Tucson Chapter

Contact to reserve your spot!

Notice for all the early birds to get your reservations in for the August meeting, Saturday 8/18. I’ve met lots of fictional private eyes, but never a real one. Plus a successful screenwriter to give us the inside dope on writing dialogue. Hope to see you there.

August Crime speaker: Eddie Resner

De-mything Fictional Detectives

Most detectives in popular fiction are impossibly courageous and incredibly cool. But if you’ve ever suspected that private investigators in books, on TV and in the movies are just too witty and charming to be true … you’re right. Most of what they do would land a real private investigator in jail. Our August speaker on subjects pertaining to law enforcement, private investigator Eddie Resner, will take us through the differences in the way private investigators must operate and the way law enforcement is allowed to operate. He also will talk about some typical cases, and the techniques and technology used to work them.

A native of New York, Eddie’s professional background includes over 30 years of credit, collection, law enforcement, and investigative experience. He is a founding member, lead investigator, owner and corporate officer with Nationwide Private Investigations, a local firm specializing in collection-fraud investigations and pre-employment screening. His investigative experience includes criminal and civil background investigations, premises liability, insurance fraud, missing persons, record retrieval and court research, corporate due diligence, false invoicing and disbursement fraud, asset searches, and worker’s compensation investigations. For the past 20 years, he has served as vice president of the largest locally owned collection agency in Southern Arizona. Eddie also is the state commander and chief executive officer for the Arizona Rangers, a law enforcement agency created by the Arizona Territorial legislature in 1901, He is responsible for overall operations and leadership for almost 400 Rangers statewide. Eddie spoke about the Rangers at our first chapter meeting last February.

Appearing with Eddie will be Lt. Robert Garcia, recently retired from the Tucson Police Department after 25 years as a street-gang officer and vice investigator who also worked on fraud investigations.

August Craft Speaker: Ginia Desmond

Character Development Through Dialogue

Screenwriter Ginia Desmond works to make her characters more interesting, better understood, deeper, darker, or funnier through their spoken words. “Let’s be clear,” she says, “screenwriting is the only form of writing not meant to be read.” At our August meeting, she will help us better understand how to develop our characters using dialogue. “Give them a reason to exist,” she says, “make them distinct from one another. To not be predictable, yet believable.” Genia’s genres are dark drama, dark comedy, the coming of age, etc.; she even has a sci-fi in mind — character based, of course.

Ginia was originally a Valley Girl from North Hollywood. Her dad was Gene Autry’s partner and a songwriter. The family moved to Scottsdale in the `50s, and she enrolled at the University of Arizona in 1960. “I strongly believe in putting my foot into new turf every now and then,” she says. In the late 60s to mid-70s she was a full-time artist, having earned a master of fine arts degree from the UofA in painting and drawing. In the mid-70s, “I broke rank and went into Business, to the horror of my artsy friends.” But it was an artsy business. She became an employer — Sangin, an international trading company — bringing in hand-crafted goods from Asia … furniture, baskets, pottery, etc. “Twenty-six years later, I sold it and became a screenwriter … a natural progression, right? This has been my main interest since 2004. And except for Nora Ephron, God rest her soul, a screenwriter can walk the earth and never be recognized.” She has written a dozen scripts, optioned three, one of them twice … “or maybe three times, I can’t remember.” She won a silver in an international screenwriting contest and as a result has “a cardboard award plaque to show off.” Nothing has yet been produced, but that will finally change next year, with the production of “Santiago’s Children,” for which she was hired “to adapt this amazing memoir.” Ginia has three daughters, four grandchildren, “and lots of UofA grads in the mix.”

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