Profiles of Healing – Book Series

The following is a Facebook message from Linda Rettinger. This is a fantastic cause, so I am helping to spread the word!

There has been a donation of books to the International Council of 13 Indigenous Grandmothers by the Ringing Rocks Foundation who has closed it’s doors a few years ago. It is a series of 10 books written on an Indigenous healer/medicine person from around the world which includes a cd so you can hear the persons voice telling their story, prayers, or songs. They are very well done with beautiful photo’s. These books are out of print.

For more information on the International Council of 13 Indigenous Grandmothers and the work they are doing for the world go to:

We are looking for volunteers to help bring this process to fruition, from bringing the books from Flagstaff to Phoenix, to help fulfilling the orders in Phoenix, web design, to helping spread the word by e-mail or advertising. If you or anyone you know who supports the International Council of 13 Indigenous Grandmothers is willing to help in any way, even if for a couple hours, please have them contact Linda Rettinger at 602.686.3169 or e-mail

We have 300 boxes in Flagstaff, although we have already brought 1/3 of them to a storage in Phoenix. We need to bring the remainder of the boxes to Phoenix so we can proceed with selling them. We will be making a run to Flagstaff to pick up the books on Monday June 25th, and can use all the help we can get. For any remaining books we will be making another run on Saturday June 30th. I already have a list of people who would like to buy sets of book, so as soon as we can get the books here and have everything in order we can begin sending the books to where they are meant to be.

Below is a flier of the books, although there is nothing being sold on any website yet as we are in the infant stage of this process, people are just calling me for orders now and I’m taking their name down. I have the description on my website at You can scroll down the home page to see it. We could use some help with web design for this project.

100% of the proceeds will go to the 13 Grandmothers directly and the Center For sacred Studies who has taken care of the Grandmothers Council from the beginning. We are attempting to form an all volunteer team as a show of appreciation for the Grandmothers work in the world. they are involved in preserving the water sources of the world as well as other resources of the earth. They help with so many world projects attempting to preserve the earth for the next 7 generations. They also are involved in preserving indigenous ways of life as we see slowly reducing as cultures and languages breaking down. The Grandmothers do so much for the world, I would like to give back in this way.

When you contact me please use the headline Profiles of Healing. If anyone would like to see the books in person contact me and we can get together. If anyone is interested in a set or a single book contact me as well.

Please invite anyone who you feel may be interested.

I’m grateful for our community and what we can accomplish together 🙂

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