Prehistoric Civilizations of the Southwest

The following are some of the ancient civilizations of the Southwest:

  1. The Sinagua from Flagstaff and the Verde River Valley in Arizona. This includes the Sedona region and Sunset Crater Wupatki National Monument
  2. The Hohokam who inhabited Phoenix, Tucson and Mexico – to learn about this culture you can visit the Pueblo Grande Museum in Phoenix. This industrious farming culture transformed the arid desert of the Salt and Gila River valleys into fertile farmlands and thriving villages.
  3. Mogollon – Eastern Arizona into New Mexico and south into Mexico.Mimbres is a subculture that developed beautiful black-on-white pottery
  4. Patayan – Western Arizona, S.E. California & Southern Nevada. Many Patayan and Hohokam sites have been discovered in the Barry Goldwater Range in Arizona.
  5. Ancestral Puebloan (Anasazi) Four corners region – Hopi, Zuni & Pueblo are descendants of the Anasazi. The image below is the boulder house, located at the Hovenweep National Monument near Cortez, Colorado.

Boulder House at Hovenweep National Monument


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