Somewhere in Crime short story anthology

The following anthology, published by the Central Coast chapter of Sisters in Crime, has one of my short stories, titled The Yellow Rose. Check out the reviews below of the stories.

Coming Soon 11-11-11!

Letters from a gambler to his sister, a soldier losing a battle with Post Traumatic Stress Disorder, a priest on a murderous mission and a Geranium by any other name, all take readers back in time in 15 well-told stories. Enjoy centuries worth of nefarious deeds at the hands of today’s modern mystery scribes.

–Sunny Frazier, author of The Christy Bristol Astrology Mysteries

You’ll never read another crime anthology with so many unique stories and diverse settings as right here in Somewhere in Crime. You’ll find mermaids, burlesque, the old west, the paranormal, reincarnation and time travel just to give you a hint of what is inside. Besides exotic locations, you’ll recognize some others you might be more familiar with like Morro Bay, CA and Gorman, CA. I enjoyed every one, but my personal favorite is a story about Agatha Christie and Dr. Freud aboard the Orient Express.

–Marilyn Meredith, author of Bears With Us, a Deputy Tempe Crabtree mystery

ORDER FROM SINC-CENTRAL COAST CHAPTER ISBN 978-0-9846098-4-0 or  e versions available from Smashwords & Kindle

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