Links to popular national writing organizations

Looking to connect with others in your genre for advice and expertise? Then you need to consider joining a national organization dedicated to your genre (see a brief list below of some more popular ones).

The majority of them should have local chapters with regular meetings so that you can connect with like-minded writers.

I have been with Sisters in Crime for the past year and have obtained the following benefits:

  1. Advice from more experienced mystery writers
  2. Monthly meetings with amazing speakers that offer great tidbits on a variety of topics
  3. Critique groups to help you with polishing those short stories, novels or other works in progress.
  4. Opportunity to get short stories published in annual anthologies
  5. Yearly seminars with published authors and experts in your area of interest
  6. Stay on top of the latest in writing and publishing standards

Here are some links to a few national writers organizations:

Sisters in Crime:

Mystery Writers of America:

Romance Writers of America:

Horror Writers Association:

Science Fiction & Fantasy Writers of America:

Erotica Readers & Writers Association:

Poetry Society of America:

Public Safety Writers Association:

Good luck!

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